New Best Free Proxy Servers Sites list 2018 fast Working


Free proxy servers list with fast working free proxy sites and also new top best proxy server sites of 2018 for unblocked YouTube at school or unlock any sites or get a different IP address and also hide your IP very useful.

I wanna know that what is proxy server, why people using this and many other questions related to unblocked proxy sites list or websites. Today, we are trying to clear all things related to proxy sites. Actually, now days they are getting more popularity  because now people need more privacy.

You can get more privacy using NMD VPN also. Actually, now internet world is not safe. There are many spammers which running many programs and servers which can steal your data using your IP.

You can secure your IP address using free proxy server list will change your real IP to different IP. So your main identity not showing on the internet and you are safe from Internet threats.

Enjoy Safe internet using fast working Proxy Server

Hackers are coming out with different tactics to get connected with available PC and trying to steal data, and induce Trojans and perform malware related activities. Hence there is need to hide our system available on a public network and one can attain this by just using a Google proxy server or other.

These days myself and most of my friends rely heavily on the Internet to conduct my online related activities. To store their valuable information online always avoid on connections. Avoid In Secure Technology · Research on information about the threats that exist on the Internet · Use server connection

What is Proxy Server?

A Proxy server is another computer which serves as a hub through which internet requests are processed. By connecting through these servers, your computer sends your requests to the YouTube proxy server, which then processes your request and returns what you were wanting.

How can I get Proxy Server Address?

There are many proxy servers free also free and working fine. As we are giving you all top proxy site list, but for better and future knowledge you should  know about how to get this.

Get Proxy Server Addresses via Search Engine, Find Working Proxy Server Addresses by Scanning, Build Your Own Server to Get Server Addresses

How can we get Proxy Address through Search Engines?

It’s in your choice that choose any search engines to search Proxy server addresses and results out to Proxy server address providing websites. And it’s your own responsibility to evaluate each of them and select a proxy server address avoiding selection of unstable and temporary Proxy server address.

Millions of proxy server addresses provided by some organizations and individual over the Internet. Usually, if you try to access video sharing, gaming website, social networks from your college or school’s Wi-Fi, you will find it blocked.

Many times website owner himself block his website on your region. But if you still can to access those blocked websites using free VPN servers.

Using new proxy sites is very easy to use. Just go to any popular proxy website list and enter the URL of your desired the web page or website and through proxy servers you’ll be able to explore it without any problem.

If you are unable to find Proxy Server Address, Scan and Find Working Addresses then know how can we do this method of finding an address for its? Scanner is one kind of software’s; gets a list of all available addresses.

Now how can we get the Software, Just Google “proxy scanner” and download such tools another choice of finding Proxy Server Addresses.

Build Your Own Proxy Server to Get Proxy Server Addresses

All the above-listed proxy websites are safe to browse. However, a much safer solution is to use Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you want much-trusted Proxy servers free for your private use then you can create your own server.

You can build your own proxy server with CCProxy – easy and efficient server software. CCProxy is Windows server software. It can serve for clients with various OS such as Windows, Linux, MAC, and UNIX. It can be used over both LAN and the Internet. The steps for you to build your own server are given here.

How to Setup your own Proxy Server Installation and Configuration

Download the latest version CCProxy from Install the CCProxy Software “Options” -> “Advanced” -> “Networks”, click to not select the “Disable External Users” check box, and then keep clicking the “OK” button to save.  best-proxy-sever4  Keep all the other options of CCProxy as the default settings. Now, this computer automatically working as an anonymous and best free proxy server.

Network Settings and Obtaining Proxy Server Addresses

If the computer which on CCProxy has been located is connected to the Internet directly with no router or firewall then please just ignore this step.

If it’s behind a router/firewall, you need to open a hole in the router/firewall and map port 808 and 1080 to this computer. As a default setting, CCProxy uses port 808 and 1080 for HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS proxy; these two protocols are mostly used.

Before the next step, you also need to obtain the proxy server addresses; it should be an Internet IP address but not LAN IP address. Just Google for “IP query” or “query IP” or some other similar keywords and open the website Google has listed for you on your proxy server. Then you can get the current Internet IP address of this proxy server for free.

Make Proxy Server Settings in the Browser Such as IE, Firefox etc

Let’s say one of the proxy server addresses is “”. Now you and your friends can make proxy settings in the browser as bellow to surf with your own proxy server for free.

Internet Explorer Proxy Settings

Click Tools · Click Internet Options · Click the Connections Tab · Click LAN settings · Check the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” box · Enter the IP Address of the Proxy Server and the Port Number · Click OK · Go to to check for proxy.


Firefox Proxy Settings to get proxy Server

Click the Firefox Button(The button in the upper left corner). Click Options in the new tab. Then Click the Advanced Tab Click Settings Click Manual Proxy Settings In the HTTP Proxy.

Box enters the IP Address of the proxy server and the Port number Click OK Go to to check for this.

best-proxy-sever5Google Chrome Proxy Settings to get proxy Server

Click the Customize and Control Button(Button with the wrench picture in upper right corner Click Under the Hood Click Change proxy settings Click LAN Settings Check the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” box Enter the IP Address of the Proxy Server and the Port Number Click OK Go to to check for it.

Safari Proxy Settings

Click Safari Click Preferences Click Advanced Click Change Settings Check the Web Proxy(HTTP) box Enter the IP Address of the Proxy Server and the Port Number Click Apply Now Go to to check for proxy Besides IE and Firefox, maybe you also need to make proxy settings for some other network applications such as MSN Messenger, Skype, and CuteFTP etc. We also have more instructions for you – how to proxy the server for various network applications.

How Can I use Proxy Server?

It’s no more difficult. You can easily use proxy servers and most are working similar method. It means if you wanna surf online than just one any proxy server and paste your URL which you wanna see and done no need any extra Config.

But if you are using the only proxy setting in Your browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox or any other similar browser then you need to put working proxy and ports. For using the Proxy Servers, You need have Proxy Address (IP Address or

Proxy Servers Sites 2018

Proxies can provide you with a means to hide your home IP address from the rest of the world to access blocked websites and to speed up your surfing. By connecting to the internet through proxies, the home IP address of your machine will not be shown but rather the IP of the proxy server will be shown.

This can provide you with more privacy than if you were simply connecting directly to the internet. There are the number of new proxies that can provide you with a service. Here are the world all most popular best proxy websites 2016 Free Proxy Sites 2016 some are paid also.  You can enjoy them freely. Just try and enjoy.

1. HideMyAss –

3. Anonymouse –

4. Ninja Clock –

5. BlewPass –

6. AnonyMizer –

7. –

8. Vrbas –


10. Quick –

11. Working  –

12. Free Open –

13. Zfreez –

14. kProxy –

15. Don’t Filter –

16. Vtunnel –

17. –

18. YouTube Unblock Proxy –

19. Unblock My Web –

22. Unblock YouTube Free –

23. New IP Now –

24. Free YouTube –

25. HideOnline – http://freeyoutube

26. 4everproxy –

27. Unblocker –

28. Fast USA  new-proxies –

29. EXCS –

31. Free YouProxyTube –

33. Unblock YouTube Beat School –

34. Hiding Your Info –

35. Defilter –

36. Free Proxy Server  –

37. Freedom –

38. ViewTube –

39. F4FP –

40. TiaFun-

41. YouTube Free –

42. Star Doll  –

43. HideMyAss UK –

44. PRO Unblock –

45. Proxay –

47. HideMyTraxProxy –

48. Hide The Internet –

49. Greatest Free Proxy –

50. Fun  –

51. Host App –

52. Travel VPN –

53. Call MeNames –

54. Fast Time –

55. Work Host –

57. PRO Intern –

58. PRO Intern –

59. Spedo –

61. To  –

62. PHProxy –

63. kProxy Site –

64. Xite Now –

65. FB Proxies –

67. This –

68. Suede –

69. Justun Block IT –

70. Network ByPass –

71. US Proxy –

72. Proxys –

73. You Liaoren –

74. Zacebook PK –

77. Hidden Digital –

78. Surf For Free –

82. PK –

83. Singapore Proxy –

84. Intern Cloud –

85. CA Proxies –

89. Jezus Loves This –

90. Me Hide –

91. Zalmos –

92. Web Proxy Free –

93. Can’t Block This –

94. –

95. VPN Browse –

96. ProxyOne –

Proxy Detection Or How to detect proxy

Are you truly hidden? We do provide proxy detection at If your proxy is setup correctly you will see its IP address on the homepage and you may receive a message that a proxy was detected.

It is impossible to detect all proxies. We may not detect your proxy but that does not mean that other sites can’t.

Proxy Similar software which Giving Proxy

Proxy similar or software which giving the proxy and you can hide IP also very useful. You can use that these software like proxy.

There are much software on the net. Some are paid and some are free but I am giving some best software list which can help to hide you IP. These are Hotspot Shield – site – Private Tunnel – site – Eexpress VPN – site – Air VPN – site – Hola Browser extension Tor Broswser –

How to Create a proxy sites or free proxy server

If are you searching proxy ip list, list of proxies, free proxy websites then don’t try now you can get free proxy service without pay by creating your own. There are many google proxy list in which some are bad and some fast proxy server and good proxy server also.

An intermediary is a devoted PC or a product system running on PC which goes about as a intermediary between administrations from which client or customer is asking for an administration and an endpoint system.

The server might exist in the same framework as a firewall server or it might be on an alternate server which transmits requests through the firewall.

Point of interest of this sort of server is that its store can serve all clients. On the off chance that one or more web sites are as often as possible asked for these are to be in its reserve which will enhance the client reaction time. It is can likewise log its communications that can be valuable for investigating.

How Proxy Server works

So to get all info about this you need to know best proxy site and also unblocked proxy servers.

At the point when this server gets a request for a web page, for example, site, it looks in its cache of last pages. On the off chance that it is found the page, it returns to the client without expecting to transmit the request the page from the server out on the web.

At the point when the page is returned, the server transmits it to the first request and advances it on to the client.

This server is utilized for both unlawful and lawful purposes. In the organizations, this server is utilized to make conceivable security, regulatory control and storing administrations among different purposes.

In a PC, this server is utilized to empower client protection settings and mysterious surfing. This server can likewise be utilized to screen movement and undermine client protection.

To the client, the server is undetectable. All the web asks for and returned reactions give off an impression of being specifically with the tended to web server. The server is not really imperceptible.

Its IP address needs to say as an arrangement alternative to the program or different projects.

Clients can get to web servers online or design web programs to consistently utilize server. Program settings incorporate naturally identified and manual alternatives for SSL, HTTP, FTP and SOCKS servers.

These servers might serve numerous clients or straightforward one for each server. These alternatives are called shared and devoted servers. There are number of explanations behind intermediaries and subsequently various sorts of servers.

How to Create Your Own Proxy Server for Free

In the list of Best proxy service provider, most are paid. But you are using free online proxy server then yopu can try your own hope that will best proxy servers. If that will best proxy site then most will bookmark as list of proxy websites.

Is your company or school blocked your favorite websites? Is it looks difficult to select the most trusted and reliable worthy server? Don’t worry at all as you can simply create your own server.

There are many PHP scripts available in the internet that can be used to create a server for free but they all need a web server and a domain name for the server site.

Don’t mind if you don’t have those because you can still create your own customized server without purchasing any web server or with Google app engine. As we also shared proxy server list free and also new proxy list but you can try this also.

With a Google App Engine, you can get a server in little minutes, with no having the technological information. Also user can create their own server by following below steps.

· Go to the and then enter your Google account details to login.

· Click the Create an Application. If you’re doing it for first time then you have verify your account through SMS to your mobile number which is asked by Google.

· Chose Application Identifier, this is become a sub domain of server. Name the app and titled as My Proxy Server then edit the Authentication Option as “Open to all Users” then make the app.

· Download the python 2.7 Installer which you get from any site. Python 2.7 is not required for the Mac computer because it is come with inbuilt in Mac systems.

· To create server, download the application files. You have to extract the application zip files in your system desktop. You can change main.html file to change your server front end.

· Download the Google App Engine SDK for Python from site, then install in your system. When the installations finished and then click on the Run Launcher button.

· In the Google App Engine Launcher, chose Edit and change preference in the system desktop then put the Python Path right value, Text Editor and App Engine SDK make as write.exe not as notepad.exe

· Click on the ‘File’ Inside Google app launcher program, add existing application and look through to the folder which have the files, which you extract on your desktop. The app engine is added by the project and then chose the task and click on Edit to change Your App ID with your app id which you created previously as sub domain. Then save the file and close it.

· Click on ‘Deploy’ in only few seconds your server will create by entering the Google account details. Web address or URL of new server will be restore _app_id with app engine identifier.

That’s it! You have effectively made customized server in simple steps. Now enjoy browsing your blocked web sites.

How to Create a Proxy

There are many ways to access restricted websites. Here, we discussed a method over below and it is the simplest to understand. Here are we are sharing best method To create good proxy, fastest proxy, best youtube proxy and unblock proxy server for all type games sites. You can provide online free proxy as paid service and you can make money too.

Step 1: The first one of several is PHProxy.

It is a script written in the PHP scripting language and is simply the most often used; here is how to setup it.

· Setup your own web browser or get a web hosting account. There are many web hosts both free and paid. And many of them provide php.

· Download the php script.

· Upload the included files to your server or webhost.

· All you need is this but you can change the way your server looks using CSS to change the template.

Step 2: Next script is CGI Proxy

It is a little irritating one. If you have your own server then installs cgi/perl on it. Otherwise if you have some web host online then find one that supports CGI scripts.

· All you need to do is upload the nph-proxy file to the correct directory but there are chances that it won’t work because of some unidentified reason. And you can also try using the automatic installer (download it from Google) which requires an ftp account. But not all free web hosts provide this.

· You will likely have failed unless you have some luck touch. This is usual. If you do not know perl then this script is impossible.

Step 3: Next script

Glype script, it is stability getting popularity.

· The scripts need php and curl access. If you have own server, then there is no problem.

· Open the folder and zip then upload folder.

· Upload the upload folder and then link to it. Then everything must work.

Hope this method will help you. If you can follow this method then just find.

Final verdict

Guys, We think that this is the complete list of proxy servers websites. All are working fine and fast. If have any question related to this article.

Or you wanna suggest any your proxy experience then please ask us by commenting below or MSG us. If you have any question then just feel free and ask us. For more latest updated list of 2016 proxy servers list and many new proxy sites keep coming.

We thinking this is biggest collection of good proxy sites. So we hope you will get here easily all without more searching free proxy website and many more about free proxy ip. Keep visit to get more about this.


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